Create an iOS certificate first apply for an APP ID card, apply for iOS certificate file. Mobileprovision need to choose, as well as in itunesconnect. New app also need.


appids  Apply for a tutorial


Add a debugging device

1, get UDID
Use the iPhone or iPad your own browser to scan the following two-dimensional code, you can quickly get UDID


The same time as the above-





2, log in to the developer center, add equipment, select the device, click the upper right corner +.




3, enter the device name and device UDID, click all the way to create.



Second, create a developer certificate
1, open the software, select the certification.



2, click + ADD developer certificate option (development certificate can only create a 2, if previously created directly to create a description file on the line), enter the certificate name, e-mail, password certificate, click create ok.



3, download the p.12 certificate file saved to the computer



Third, create a developer description file
1, select the configuration file, click + Add to select the developer profile option



2, click + ADD to select the developer to describe the file options, select appid, check the associated development before creating the certificate, check whether the device is used for development debugging, enter the name, click OK to create.



3, download save (.Mobileprovision) file



This completes the development of the certificate and describes the creation of the configuration file.


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